Why hire a writer, editor, or blogger?

My job as a Professional Writer is to support your product and inform your customers.

As a professional writer my responsibility is to make you and your business the obvious choice for every customer who visits your website. I will listen to you closely, understand your business requirements, devise a plan of implementation, and execute that plan in the most cost effective way. Your satisfaction is key to my success. Your business and your customers are my only focus.

Hiring a writer for your business is a very important step. The responsibility  of writing should be handed off carefully and with great consideration. Hiring a writer will save you a  great amount of time. Hiring a writer will help build your business.

I am a writer of  business communication, technical instructions, marketing content, email campaigns, and SEO pages.  I am a skilled video producer and can help you create web videos that promote a product, explain a technology, and educate customers. I am experienced across many areas of technology, engineering, manufacturing, science, business promotion, and public advocacy.  My work communicates at the customer and user level.  Using customer education, audience engagement, and marketing strategy as driving factors, I have the ability to explain complex technology and products to a worldwide audience in a way that crosses language barriers and explains products and services in concise and understandable terms.

My business is to produce  high quality, affordable, communication and web content for your business pages.  I am available to write articles, create user manuals, help you produce awesome videos, and provide your site with fresh web content.

Call me to discuss how I can work with you to add content to a new or existing website, write an e-mail or blog campaign, or produce your next business video or photography project.

Please spend some time on my website to see if you like my work

As a well established professional writer I am skilled at breaking  levels of complexity into smaller parts for training, marketing, social media, and sales. My ability to understand your product, process, technology, and customer base is why you should hire me.  Documenting that content is a valuable asset to any business that uses my services.

Budgets can be small, medium or large

Clients should not be selected by the size of their budget. I bill all clients by the hour with the low minimum rate of a 3 hour initial increment. Please call for pricing. Do you have a website that needs to be maintained? For a low monthly fee I will make certain your website is up and running and that it stays that way.

Business Video and Photography Production Too

animations for corporate videos

Check out this opening animation. Whether you need to produce an instructional video, marketing video, how-to video, or topic expert video, I can walk you through each step of the process. I produced more than 100 videos for many of the largest and most successful corporations.  So whether you own a very small or very large business, please give me a call or drop me an e-mail to discuss how I might help your business.

Video Production Samples

The samples below represent some of our  corporate and business videos. These are Medical lab protocols, a few very interesting Corporate Interviews, some Law Office Portraits, and a Construction Site How-To Video.  The construction site video uses five cameras.

Drop us a note or call 203 627-9611 to discuss ideas, time frame, and pricing.



I'd love more clients. Please share. But remember, I own all copyrights to the work on this site.
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