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  • Frank Blackwell sitting in a chair at a hair salon getting his hair cut with his camera to his eye, taking a picture of himself and the woman, Genevieve, cutting his hair.
  • black and white image of Bob Dylan playing guitar on stage
  • New York City Skyline viewed from The Staten Island Ferry
  • Wild horses in Monument Valley, Utah
  • A black and white portrait by Frank Blackwell of a woman in a dark robe with her shoulders exposed.
  • A single person in a bathing suit and a hat, seated in a beach chair, reading a book.
  • An acrobat balancing himself on top of a revolving and twirling wheel, 75 feet in the air, at a country fair in Guilford, CT
  • Some people in an Italian market in New Haven, Connecticut
  • The brooklyn Bridge viewed from a restaurant window a few blocks away from the bridge.
  • Arthur Ashe on the tennis court in New Haven, CT
  • The statue of liberty and the twin towers
  • A black and white photograph of a man who sines shoes at Grand Central Station
  • A color photograph of one woman drinking coffee in an otherwise empty coffee shop. The shop is old and the people who work there are just hanging out.
  • A color photograph of an elderly woman wearing a medical mask, pushing a shopping cart, in a produce department of a grocery store during the pandemic. of 2020.
  • A night time black and white photo from the outside looking in at a barber shop.
  • From the seat of myu car I photographed a woman in full protective gear. She was about to swab my nose for a Covid-19 test.
  • A rodeo rider; a man with a cowboy hat riding one horse and holding the rein or another horse.
  • A woman standing at the edge of a frothing sea, with her hands slightly outstretched, seemingly summoning the sea.
  • A young girl sitting on the edge of a kitchen sink, washing a red apple.
  • A young couple looking into each other's eyes while waiting for a subway train at Grand Central Station, NYC
  • The head of a large white bird, the egret, popping up from directly behind a large rock. All that is showing is its neck and head.
  • A man is sleeping on a 5th Avenue sidewalk and as people pass, only the children seem to see him.
  • A Harlem Neighborhood photographed from a moving Metro North Train - circa 1985
  • Frank and Jennifer Blackwell standing on RT 66, in the middle of the road, in front ofg a RT66 road sign.
  • A woman in a chair in a darkened room, lit by one window with bright sunlight that casts her shadow on a distant wall
  • Black and White portrait of a platinum blond women in a photography studio
  • A photograph of a Venice Canal at night lit by the running lights of a water taxi.

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