• A self-portrait shot into the mirror while getting a haircut. The hair stylist is wearing a pandemic mask..
  • The statue of liberty and the twin towers
  • Wild horses in Monument Valley, Utah
  • A black and white photograph of a man who sines shoes at Grand Central Station
  • A single person in a bathing suit and a hat, seated in a beach chair, reading a book.
  • A color photograph of one woman drinking coffee in an otherwise empty coffee shop. The shop is old and the people who work there are just hanging out.
  • A color photograph of an elderly woman wearing a medical mask, pushing a shopping cart, in a produce department of a grocery store during the pandemic. of 2020.
  • A night time black and white photo from the outside looking in at a barber shop.
  • From the seat of myu car I photographed a woman in full protective gear. She was about to swab my nose for a Covid-19 test.
  • A young couple looking into each other's eyes while waiting for a subway train at Grand Central Station, NYC
  • The head of a large white bird, the egret, popping up from directly behind a large rock. All that is showing is its neck and head.
  • A man is sleeping on a 5th Avenue sidewalk and as people pass, only the children seem to see him.
  • A Harlem Neighborhood photographed from a moving Metro North Train - circa 1985
  • Rt 66 Self Portrait
  • A woman in a chair in a darkened room. There is one light on her that casts her shadow on a far wall.

The best stock photography captures a moment in time that preserves our humanity, hardships, successes, failures, and culture. The stock photography and documentary video work on this site questions the world around me. My favorite images contain people I’ve never met but whose path I’ve crossed by happenchance and my interview videos ask people about the world in which they live. Your comments, questions, and opinions are welcome. Most of the images on this site are available for licensed use and limited print purchase. Contact me for pricing and terms. And feel free to write to me with suggestions for future blog posts or subjects to photograph. Select Contact above to reach me.
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