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Corporate video production, how-to and instructional videos, product demonstration videos, turn-key video interview solutions, green screen video production, product photography, portraits, head shots, professional LinkedIn photographs and more…

Frank Blackwell is a corporate communication specialist who works with engineering corporations, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical corporations, medical device manufacturers, and small businesses using written material, video and photography to reach the client’s target audience in the most effective and informative way possible.

producing science videos

Whether you’re an established manufacturer or utility company, a start-up biotech, medical device, or engineering company trying to attract investors, or any well-established corporation with a widely known brand, our documentation and communication products will exceed your expectations, and greatly complement your on-line presence.

A turn-key solution for corporate interviews
Very often the best approach to recording corporate interviews is to conduct the interview or presentation off site, where there are no distractions, where audio and video quality is maximized and in a way that assures production time is minimized.

CT video production services
We realize how valuable everyone’s time is, so our approach to creating video and photography is one that has a prepared set waiting, and when appropriate, a teleprompter loaded with a script familiar to the speaker and sent to us prior to filming.

Lab protocols and manuals become the scripts
Another of our specialties is transforming your lab protocol or written manual into an easily understood step-by-step video that shows each step of a complex process clearly, concisely and in a way that crosses language barriers and strongly complements the written version of the instructions in a way that better informs a wide ranging audience.

A Video Strategy
How-to videos, topic expert interviews, corporate presentations, and marketing videos should be a substantial component of every company’s visually based communication strategy. And every company should have a visually based communication strategy in place and directed precisely at their target audience.

Websites WITH video, outperform websites WITHOUT video. That fact is indisputable.

Video engages the viewer, informs the audience, and demonstrates technology well, because video is visual, and we have become a society of visual learners.

Well-produced video draws a viewer in and delivers information clearly & effectively, in a way that is easily remembered.

Whether you intend for a CEO to deliver an internal message, a topic expert to speak about a specific technology or subject, for a lab protocol to be presented as a step-by-step process or to record a customer testimonial, visit our website, send us an e-mail and let’s start a dialog.

Our equipment is of the highest quality and our production skills are firmly based on years of solid experience throughout the industries we represent.

It’s never too early in a project to ask us questions about production, approach and budget. We are here to help in any way possible so please consider us a resource.

Let’s discuss a plan of action that showcases your company’s best qualities, draws attention to your product’s greatest features and explains your technology in a way that empowers your users to achieve the highest level of success.

~ Frank Blackwell


I'd love more clients. Please share. But remember, I own all copyrights to the work on this site.