Frank Blackwell Productions LLC targets an interesting and unusual video market

Frank Blackwell Productions LLC targets an interesting and unusual video market

Branford, CT June 25th, 2017 – Frank Blackwell Productions LLC is a full service video and photographic production studio located in Branford, CT. Their target clients include biotech, medical device, and engineering companies with complex products and a need to explain those products in simple and easily understood terms to a wide ranging audience.

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Founded by Frank Blackwell and Jennifer Newton, the company leverages the unique and applicable career experiences of both founders. Apart from life-long portfolios in photography, filmmaking, and fine art painting, their combined resumes include such diverse areas of career experience as the Hubbell Space Telescope, the Black Hawk helicopter, IBM development projects, DNA sequencing systems, software development, manufacturing engineering, and military contracts. They have each worked in corporate positions within engineering, marketing, design, documentation and multimedia departments. Most recently, Frank Blackwell founded and operated the video and photographic studio within the 454 Life Sciences division of Roche Diagnostics. He worked in that role for more than 7 years.

Frank Blackwell and Jennifer Newton draw extensively from their corporate experience to guide their clients toward developing and understanding best practices and methods for reaching their specific audiences using high quality video and photography.

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We often direct our clients to envision a room filled with people; half of whom are PhDs with the other half being senior high school level children of those PhDs. The goal becomes speaking your message in a way that informs the entire audience without boring the PhD or confusing the high school student. Focus on the PhD but inform the student to the point of being able to use what is learned to ask his or her parent a well-informed question. ” ~ Frank Blackwell

Located a 11 Sycamore Way in Branford, CT, the studio of Frank Blackwell Productions LLC has first floor street level garage door access for easily delivering products to the studio to be photographed or filmed. The studio offers a set of solutions for green screen video and photography, turn-key interviews, topic expert presentations and customer testimonials. Corporate and business video and photographic services are offered in the studio or on location almost anywhere a project takes them.

“We’ve traveled to Canada, Greece, Portugal, Germany and all over the United States covering conferences, filming interviews, capturing lab protocols and engineering procedures. One of our most enjoyable projects took place when we were asked to work at the Smithsonian National Zoo Genomic Center in Washington, DC. We filmed gorillas, elephants and reptiles close-up and interviewed some of the leading scientists and researchers at the zoo.”, said Frank Blackwell.

For more information about Frank Blackwell Productions LLC please visit, email any questions to, or call the studio at 203 208-2838

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