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I have been a photographer my entire life. My dad was a photographer so I started shooting pictures and working in the darkroom long before I could drive a car. My interest in photography has taken me to far off places, sketchy parts of many cities, backstage, and into situations I might not have survived if I didn’t have a camera in my hands. Today’s date is August 16, 2018 and I am writing this introduction to replace one written when this site was a business page for my studio. I closed that business some months ago and now intend to rebuild this website with images and videos that are of a more personal nature. Stay tuned. ~ Frank

I'd love more clients. Please share. But remember, I own all copyrights to the work on this site.
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  • The Old Shoe Shine Stand at Grand Central Station

    The Old Shoe Shine Stand at Grand Central Station

    The shoe shine stand at the Vanderbilt exit of Grand Central Station. These guys always seemed so cool.

  • Black and White Portraits

    Black and White Portraits

    Matching a background color to the mood of the photograph is sometimes very easy.

  • Portraits


    Matching a background color to the mood of the photograph is sometimes very easy.

  • Employee Portraits

    Employee Portraits

    Displaying photos of employees on corporate walls, boosts employee morale and engagement.

  • Corporate Portrait Photography

    Corporate Portrait Photography

    It adds great value at any company to have images of employees at work on the walls for all to see.

  • Product Photo

    Product Photo

    Product photography can not be overlooked as one of the key elements of any marketing campaign.

  • Corporate slide

    Corporate slide

    Building a library of images is key to every corporation's ability to communicate in a way that effectively showcases their product and corporate brand.

  • Icelandic swimming pool

    Icelandic swimming pool

    This is a swimming pool I've visited more than once. The light there always seems perfect.

  • Out of gas

    Out of gas

    Jennifer is always my favorite subject in any shot like this. She loves the outdoors. I love that about her.

  • Beach Birds

    Beach Birds

    Photographing beach birds is a great way to spend a cold winter's day. Very often there is no one at all on the beach but me and the birds.

  • White Sands, NM (print #9)

    White Sands, NM (print #9)

    This image looks really great as a metal print and works well for any office or residential wall.

  • Joshua Tree (print #1)

    Joshua Tree (print #1)

    Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place. The tones of the desert always seem perfect for black & white.

  • Desert Dunes

    Desert Dunes

    A sand dune range in Death Valley.

  • White Sands, NM (print #4)

    White Sands, NM (print #4)

    White Sands National Monument at sunset with a warm cast and long shadows.

  • Desert hill

    Desert hill

    There are few things on the planet as beautiful or as perfect as a sand dune in late afternoon light.

  • White Sands, New Mexico 2

    White Sands, New Mexico 2

    Sand dunes are one of my favorite subjects, Each one is like a fingerprint.

  • White Sands, New Mexico 1

    White Sands, New Mexico 1

    The lower the sun gets, the more golden the cast becomes. Shortly after taking this shot, the sun went down behind the mountains.

  • Half Dome, full sunlight

    Half Dome, full sunlight

    This is a traditional photo taken with film some time around 1992.

  • On the Porch

    On the Porch

    This image was shot on black and white film in the mid-90s. There is so much about it that draws me in.

  • Venice canal at night

    Venice canal at night

    This shot was taken at 3 AM and was illuminated by the green running light of a Venice water taxi.

  • Studio Portraits

    Studio Portraits

    This headshot was done using kodak plus x film and a bleaching process in the darkroom.

  • Hammonasset Fence

    Hammonasset Fence

    Hammonasset Beach, winter of 2014. I love shooting on a deserted beach.

  • Verrazano-Narrows


    Verrazano narrows Bridge at night. This picture was taken from the Fort Hamilton side.

  • Patti Smith @ CBGB – 10/06

    Patti Smith @ CBGB – 10/06

    Patti Smith's closing concert at CBGB. October 2006.

  • Wheat Field View

    Wheat Field View

    The closer I place my lens to wheat, the more beautiful it becomes. I love the way it seems to sparkle in the sunlight.

  • Headshots


    Matching a background color to the mood of the photograph is sometimes very easy.

  • Yuma Rider

    Yuma Rider

    Yuma Arizona Rodeo Rider. Every guy in the rodeo who got thrown off a 2000 lb bull, looked so surprised that it happened.

  • Wheat field graves

    Wheat field graves

    I saw this grave yard in the middle of a wheat field and wondered what happened to the families.

  • Praying Mantis 1

    Praying Mantis 1

    Praying mantis portrait. He stopped what he was doing and looked right into my lens. I wish everyone did that.