Photographing a Pandemic

an elderly couple, wearing medical masks. They are out for a walk on 5th avenue during the pandemic of 2020.

This site is more than a place to display my photographs and videos. My hope is that my work will inspire visitors to look at images from the perspective of what each image means. Why did an image catch my eye? Why did that photograph make it to this web site? What was it about that moment in time that made me think anyone but me might care enough to take a look?

One of my favorite types of photography has always been Street Photography. As I write this, a pandemic is growing across the nation and around the world. So of course every image I take now on a city street shows people going about their lives wearing masks to protect themselves from an airborne pathogen that has killed more than a million people and shows no sign of stopping. Children with masks. Parents with masks, Grand Parents with masks. Cops, lawyers, senators, judges, politicians, teachers and waitresses: all wearing masks. A terrible pandemic can make for an interesting image.

Prior to minor surgery, I needed to be tested for the virus. I took this picture from the driver seat.

I took the train to New York City to photograph the streets in mid-town Manhattan. Although I was expecting there to be far fewer people on the streets than usual, I didn’t expect there to be so few. All of the photographs below were taken from late morning to mid afternoon on a Wednesday in May as I walked from the train, out of Grand Central Station, along Sixth Avenue, and into Central Park. This was the peak of the first wave of Covid-19 infections.

Central Park was quiet but not empty. It was nice to see people enjoying the park while wearing masks and gloves and practicing social distancing.

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