3D Animation

Our approach to 3D Animation

At Frank Blackwell Productions, 3D animation is something we take very seriously. We start each project by speaking at length with our clients to understand their vision, message, and purpose. Who is the audience? Why use animation? What does the animation need to accomplish? What is the one most important message to deliver through this animation? Is the intent to train, inform, entertain, amuse? What is the budget? How can we work from the beginning to accomplish every goal while keeping the cost as low as possible? When do you need this? How might this one animation be repurposed and used for more than one audience? These are all questions that need to be addressed at the very beginning of every project. Answering these questions early, saves money and delivers increased quality every time.

Why 3D animation works

There is something so very captivating about a well executed 3D animation that grabs the viewer’s attention, educates and informs in a matter of moments, and at the same time entertains every viewer in a sophisticated way.

Our Animation Staff

We maintain a long list of animators with a variety of skill levels and technical know-how. And we match the right person to each project. We have animators that specialize in medical and scientific projects. We have great technical animators for engineering, packaging, and design projects. Want to entertain? We have comedy writers, cartoonists and whiteboard animators.

Drop us a note or call 203 208-2838 to discuss ideas, time frame, and pricing.

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