Topic Expert Video

At Frank Blackwell Productions, LLC we are experienced directors and producers of corporate testimonial videos. We use that experience to guide you from the planning stage through the production and post production of every interview. When structuring the setting and style of a scientific product testimonial or customer interview, we often feature the successes experienced by the customer with that particular product or service. By asking questions regarding the selection process that lead to purchasing a particular product or service, a customer often speaks with enthusiasm and truthfulness that presents itself well in a video interview. By asking why the product was selected, how that choice advanced a particular experiment or study, and by allowing the customer to pause between questions to gather a few thoughts or to repeat a reply, the interview process becomes more relaxed and spontaneous. Of course every interview is different as is every person being interviewed. The ability to create a professional, comfortable and relaxed interview in a time efficient setting while placing the person at ease, is invaluable in terms of getting the most value from each testimonial or interview.

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