Biotechnology Workflow Video Production

Biotechnology Workflow Video Production Empowers Users

Biotechnology Workflow Video Production is the most effective way to demonstrate and explain the exact details of any benchtop protocol or assay.  Training videos empower your customers to succeed with even the most complex Assay or Protocol. Translucency, Opacity, Color Change, Viscosity, and Visual Representation of Actual Reactions are precisely portrayed when filmed and photographed by our crew of biotechnology workflow producers.

Our film crews are experienced at transforming your laboratory protocols and assays into training or lab demonstration videos. We use a filming technique developed specifically for the biotech, scientific, and laboratory environment to capture the steps in whatever lab protocol, assay, or procedure we are asked to film.

Your Assay is Our Script

By using the steps in the written protocol or assay as a script and identifying areas requiring close-up photography or special attention due to the critical nature of a particular step, we are able to edit the final video in a way that is informative, educational, engaging to the viewer, and concise.  

There is no more effective way to clearly and accurately communicate the steps and process of a complex lab procedure than through the use of well produced high definition video. ~ Frank Blackwell

Why You Should Use Our Services

Our team is set apart from the vast majority of filmmakers because of our many years of experience producing Biotechnology Workflow Video Production and many  variations of this type of video. Our staff is filled with crew members who not only have expertise in all areas of filmmaking, photography, and audio recording. Our staff members all also have very relevant experience in the biotech, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing industries.

We Don’t Do Weddings

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a standard video production company to create your highly complex and specialized customer facing videos. Corporate video and photographic production is our only business. We do not shoot weddings. We do not shoot sporting events. We do not shoot little league. Our business is totally dedicated to the task of making your product look and sound great. We understand your products. We understand your technology. We understand your audience. Furthermore, we know what your audience expects when they visit your website. They expect a video that doesn’t waste a moment of their time but answers their questions thoroughly.

We are simply the best at what we do.

Look at our videos. Look at our photography. Read our website and call us with questions. Compare us to the competition. Look at the quality of our work and compare it to everything else you can find. We are simply the best as what we do.


Drop us a note or call 203 208-2838 to discuss ideas, time frame, and pricing.

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