Black and White Portraits

Black and White Portraits

Black and White Portraits Are Timeless

Black and White portraits have been in existence since the mid 1800s. They started as large format film images and have stayed with us all the years since reemerging within each new change as photography has evolved. Today it’s possible of course to use your phone to create a basic black and white portrait. In this photograph I used only the light shining through a window in a small Manhattan apartment and a white reflector card to bounce fill light back on the shadow side of the woman’s hair. The soft window light through a sheer curtain and the bounced reflector light balanced well with the 1930s style of the woman’s hair and overall look.

Creating A Portrait Means Creating a Look

The difference between a simple snapshot and a well executed professional photograph is often found in the lighting technique employed. Photography is all about lighting of course and the ability of the photographer to manage, control, and capture that light in a flattering, defining, and artistic way. Black and white portraits can be stunning in their ability to capture beautiful detail and tonality in shades of grey.


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