Corporate Documentary Production

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In this corporate documentary production we used the release of the Hollywood film “Contagion” to bring attention to the fact that the movie was based on actual scientific evidence referencing our client’s product. That evidence referenced a DNA sequencing instrument produced by our client, Roche Diagnostics. Elliott Gould’s character in the film was based on Columbia University scientist and world renowned clinical expert on infectious diseases, Dr. W.Ian Lipkin.

On-Location Documentary Interview Shoots Done Around the World

Knowing that Dr. Lipkin was a user of the Roche product opened the door to interview him regarding his role as a technical adviser on the film and to use footage of him in his own lab with the Roche instrument as background footage to that interview. Simultaneously, we hired video crews in Brazil, Singapore, and Kenya to interview other virologists and biologists about their own work in the field using the Roche instrument.

Corporate Documentary Edits Are Executed By Our In-House Editing Staff

We then edited our own footage with that of the crews we hired worldwide and produced this documentary which launched at the same time as the Hollywood film. Our documentary was used extensively by Roche as a world-wide marketing tool and was viewed by thousands of people at conferences, trade shows, on-site throughout Roche Diagnostics, and on the web. Using video to showcase a corporate message can take many forms.

While a clearly stated step-by-step video of a specific process or technique is appropriate in a direct customer facing style video, there are times when a different approach makes sense from the point of engagement, market penetration, and a broader appeal to a wide-ranging audience.

We will be happy to discuss some ideas for creating a corporate documentary related to your projects, products, or corporate message. ~ Frank Blackwell

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