Customer Support Videos

Customer Support Videos Add Value and Guide Users

Customer Support Videos are a powerful and cost-effective means by which to empower your customers to succeed. We have become a society of visual learners.  Every visitor arrives at your website with the expectation of finding a video that will answer questions, solve problems and improve the final outcome.

How Long Should Your Customer Support Videos Be?

This customer support video is part of a longer video that was split into 4 sections and made available to any user interested in a specific section. By splitting long instructional videos into parts, more viewers will watch and learn from your videos. Breaking videos into smaller sections holds attention, allows your viewers to select your content more readily, and allows you the benefit of releasing the content over time and in parts. The exact length of any one video depends on many factors. We will discuss the details of that determination with you as an early part of our initial pre-production conversation.

SEO Rankings Are Driven By Customer Support Videos

Carefully produced customer support videos can be presented as blog posts, website updates, and informational releases. By releasing content in this manner, your SEO ranking can be positively influenced and your audience will be more apt to absorb greater amounts of your information.

The Power of Customer Support Videos To Visually Train Your Client Base

This video was created for a biotech customer that manufactures and markets benchtop genomics test kits for the medical marijuana industry. The importance of how well a video explains and visually represents the steps of any protocol or process, cannot be overstated. We have been producing bench-top laboratory protocol videos longer than almost any other video production company anywhere. The technique we have perfected for this type of training video works well for many other topics.

Call us today to discuss how a step-wise workflow video of this type will train your customers and employees while making best use of your topic expert’s time and resources.

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