Headshots Should be Awesome

Headshots are an amazingly expressive form of photography. In each headshot there should be a mood, a feel, a context, and a subtle message about personality. Each headshot should dig a little into the person’s soul; into their persona. Are you an Actor? A Comedian? A Performer? Are you A Scientist? A Lawyer? A real Estate Agent? An Engineer? Are you a Mom? A Dad? A Grandmother or a Grandfather? A little part of your inner most self should shine through in every image. Your headshot is your face on social media.

Creating A Headshot Means Creating a Look

When creating headshots, sometimes a very bright background seems appropriate for a type of expression or look that a person exudes. In this case it matched not only her lipstick color but her smile. This same shot might have been printed as a black and white photograph as well. Red translates nicely into a shade of grey. Looks need to be created, but very often first they need to be felt. Photo sessions tend to take on a life of their own. That is a very interesting aspect of portrait photography.


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