How to Train Biotech Customers Using Protocol Videos

We are experts in knowing how to train biotech customers. The goal of every video we produce is to train your customers and empower them to succeed. When we think about ways to train biotechnology customers to successfully execute steps of a lab protocol or to better understand a technology, there are several key training factors to consider.

Protocol Training Videos Educate Your Customer

Seeing the steps performed by trained experts who walk through the steps exactly as they should be performed is the most effective way to train your customers. Video workflow protocols offer precise visual training, cross language barriers, provide close-up high definition views, and very accurately illustrate color changes, opacity, translucency, and difficult steps.

Our Video Production Process is Precise and Efficient

We have a process for filming laboratory workflow protocol videos that we have perfected over a period of years. We are highly skilled at using the written steps of the established protocol and working directly with your lab personnel to film every step of the process from start to finish. We use the verbal annotations of the person performing the steps as a means for gathering insights and cautions for insertion into our voiceover.  Since that person’s voice is not used in the finished video, we ask questions and note answers throughout the production process. Our conversations are recorded and available to us during editing. This process saves time, prompts the best data, and generates the best results.

Our website is a rich resource for learning how to train your biotech customers by using our method of capturing the exact steps of a protocol with high definition video and photography.

Protocol Training Videos

The video above was created for a biotech customer that manufactures and markets test kits for the medical marijuana industry. The importance of how well a video of this type explains and visually represents the steps of any protocol, cannot be overstated. We have been producing bench-top laboratory protocol videos longer than almost any other video production company anywhere. The process we developed for using a written protocol as a production script will bring your protocol to life. Once you successfully train your biotech customers, your customers will be more successful and your sales will increase.

Call us today to discuss how a lab protocol workflow video of this type will train your customers and employees while making best use of your topic expert’s time and resources.

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