Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing Videos Add Value

The most effective way to deliver a biotech or pharmaceutical marketing message is with video. Video engages the viewer and presents your message clearly and accurately every time. By writing a well-worded and carefully edited script, using a teleprompter, and a highly skilled video production staff, video delivers a powerful message. By using a corporate executive as a spokesperson, your video production can offer a sense of honesty, warmth, compassion, knowledge and authority.

Selecting the Right Video Production Company

Frank Blackwell Productions specializes in the creation of videos about complex and life changing subjects in ways that communicate clearly and concisely. Especially relevant to note, we are a highly skilled team of professionals with corporate backgrounds in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices, engineering, and aviation industries. These skills allow us to be quick studies in new areas of science and engineering. Our expertise at directing a film shoot in a way that puts the speaker at ease, is a valuable asset for every video production we create.


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