3D Scientific Animation

Affordable Scientific Animations

This is one of our 3-d scientific animations of a lipid layer that tells its story in 17 seconds. A short scientific animation costs less than a long scientific animation. That makes sense for a number of reasons. Shorter animations of course take less of an animator’s time to create.  Since animators typically charge by the hour, less time means lower cost.

Scientific Animations Speak Clearly and Don’t need to be so Expensive

But what are some other benefits of a shorter video? In the case of a 3d scientific animation, it is often the case that by making one clear point, we are better assured of that point remaining clear to the viewer. An animation such as the one above works well too as a supporting illustration for a speaker being filmed speaking about a related topic.

Best Video Production Strategy

Shorter videos, interesting background footage,  and clearly presented videos are key. Short videos speak a clean, well-stated message, convey a complex subject easier, and hold the viewer’s interest longer. These are all key elements of a solid strategy for any company’s web presence.

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