Studio Portraits

Studio Portraits

Studio Portraits Should Reveal A Hint of the Person

Studio portraits and professional head shots have always been a favorite segment of work for me. A studio portrait should reveal something specific about the individual in front of the camera. This photograph was done in a studio I had on Canal Street in Shelton CT. It was shot on Kodak Plus X black and white pan film, and printed in my darkroom.

Studio Portraits Using Film

For a very special look in a studio portrait I still prefer using film. This image is one I remember well because I had a difficult time bringing out the detail and texture of this woman’s very light blond hair. If the hair was right, her skin tone was wrong. Not until a friend of mine, Larry Sliver, stopped by the studio and commented that I should use potassium ferricyanide was I able to get the results that I wanted. Potassium ferricyanide is used in a bleaching bath and I had used it successfully for years to bleach the whites of eyes, teeth, and sometimes other small white elements in a print such as buttons on a blouse or highlights in a person’s eyes. I would dab it on with a very fine 000 paintbrush. Using it on an area as large as the hair in this image seemed so difficult to control. But Larry invited me over to his darkroom which was one or two floors below my studio and when he mixed his solution I immediately saw that his mixture looked like weak tea and mine looked like expresso. Sometimes in photography, the answer is as simple as seeing someone do it in a slightly different way.

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