Topic Expert Videos

Topic Expert Videos make the best use of your topic expert’s time

Topic Expert Videos are great for capturing and streaming key testimonial from any corporation’s team of experts. Filming key content providers within law offices, medical practices, accounting firms, and small businesses, offers an opportunity to provide a personal insight to the viewer that can communicate knowledge, trustworthiness, compassion, honesty, and kindness. Using video to capture a key topic expert’s knowledge, frees that expert from repeating the same presentation time and again.

Therefore, whatever your area of business, topic expert discussions are a great way to connect with your customers and educate your users and employees. Well produced videos capture and present your message in exactly the same way to every targeted audience around the world.

Every visitor to your website arrives with an expectation of video. That is the way our minds function these days. Video testimonials are a means by which you can capture the attention of your audience, engage their attention for a few focused minutes, and deliver an effective message in an entertaining way – before the customer even thinks about clicking away.

By using high quality video production on a regular basis to support your product, explain your technology, convey a corporate message,or educate your viewers, you can easily and effectively draw traffic to your web site. SEO improves with the placement of relevant content on your site and by links to that content being shared. Great topic expert testimonial posted to your site along with a transcript or relevant text, is exactly what google looks for when assessing the strength and relevancy of your pages.

Contact us today and let’s discuss a solid plan for filming your topic experts presentation in a way that takes the least amount of his or her time, while providing the best video possible.

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