Interview Video Production Studio in Branford, CT

Interviews produced in a Video Production Studio add interest and engage the viewer longer

The video production studio of Frank Blackwell Productions in Branford, CT offers a variety of filming sets with selections of backgrounds, lighting styles, and multi camera interview setups. This video uses a classic Charlie Rose dark background style with light intentionally prevented from falling on the background. Our video production studio offers various color backgrounds and green screen shoots which are available for an in-studio interview of this type, topic expert discussions, production demonstrations, and customer testimonials.

Our YouTube Video Production Studio is Always Ready

Our turn-key approach saves you time and expense. We can provide a teleprompter service, on-set make-up, help with scripting, advice for posting your video, and guidance toward acheiving the best return on your investment possible.

Our YouTube Video Production Crew Will Guide you

We will work with you to design any look you have in mind. The set style you choose for any interview creates a mood and tone for your video. A black background used in the video above tends to add a sense of authority to the speaker’s message but whatever look and feel you decide for your video, the real sense of your message comes from you.

We will work with you to formulate the message, the mood, the lighting and the style of your video. We have everything you need to produce the very best quality video and audio results possible.

Interviews are typically shot with one, two or three camera setups and perfectly situated microphones and audio recording. It is often argued that audio quality is every bit as important as video  quality when creating a video production. We couldn’t agree more.

Call or write now with any questions and be sure to ask about pricing. You will be surprised at how economical a shoot can be.

Drop us a note or call 203 208-2838 to discuss ideas, time frame, and pricing.

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