A YouTube Video Production Company

lA YouTube Video Production Company In Connecticut

As a YouTube Video Production studio in Branford, CT, we are well positioned to create YouTube videos for corporations, businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our clients do business from New York City to Boston and beyond. And, with our close proximity to Yale University, we are an excellent choice for any company that needs a video crew to film at Yale.

We Create Videos That Demonstrate Products and Explain Technologies

Our specialty is making videos that clearly demonstrate and explain complex topics, procedures, and technologies. The video above demonstrates the steps taken to install a Unitized Curtainwall Window as part of a high rise building construction project. As you continue through our selection of videos on this site you will see biotech videos, pharma videos, 3-D animations, different types of photography and many examples of excellent audio recording. Our skills as filmmakers, photographers, illustrators, and storytellers are unsurpassed. Call us today to see how our company can help you.

We Produce YouTube Videos  For a Wide-Range of Clients

We are a well known YouTube Video Production provider. We were recently hired by a large construction and window manufacturing company to produce a multi camera shoot for their corporate YouTube channel. When making a YouTube Video, it is always important to tell a story, captivate the audience, and insure high quality footage.

Drop us a note or call 203 208-2838 to discuss ideas, time frame, and pricing.

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