Green Screen Improves Video SEO and Cuts Cost

Using Green Screen Improves Video SEO & Cuts Production Cost

In this video I’d like to explain how using a green screen improves Video SEO and cuts video production cost by as much as 50%.

Green Screen Eliminates Unnecessary Billable Time

Business videos are too often filmed on location at the customer’s place of business, simply because no alternative is considered. Yet, One sure way to lower cost on any video production is to eliminate unnecessary billable time.

Filming on location is more expensive than filming in the studio, because location filming requires the film crew to transport equipment from their studio to your location, set-up and adjust that equipment at your location, and test the final set-up before any filming can begin.

Set-up Time is Billable Time

Set-up time is billable time and eliminating set-up time from any location shoot will substantially reduce your overall cost per video.

By working on set at a local video production studio, you can eliminate hours of set-up time and reduce the number of crew members required for each video shoot.

Shooting Video In the Studio Saves Clients Money

In the studio, lights are in place, audio is on stand-by, and all conditions are optimized for filming before any billable time begins.

When making a video for your business that features one or two people speaking into the camera, as I am right now, shooting video in a local video production studio using green screen to insert a background is a great option.

It helps improve Video SEO, costs less, adds more options for changing backgrounds, and produces higher quality results.

Shooting on Location Adds Cost

Shooting on location adds complexity and cost, but is the most obvious solution – and at first thought, seems to offer the best opportunity for quality and background selection.

Green Screen Saves Time and Money

Green screen reduces cost, offers excellent quality and as many background options – as there are images and video files available to digitally place behind, around,
and in front of – any person filmed on a green screen set.

Would you like the spokes person placed in an office?

Or a news room? A biotech Lab? A law library? A medical environment? A courtroom? Outdoors?

Wherever your topic takes you, green screen will save you the cost of bringing a crew to that location. How about Grand Central Station? Can you imagine the complexity of bringing a film crew to that location?

Using green screen technology you can replicate shooting almost anywhere imaginable.Green screen productions can save you time and money, while eliminating the disruption of having a film crew set-up in the workplace.

Video Content Drives Video SEO

Video content drives Video SEO and In today’s highly competitive, on-line, social media based, SEO driven world of relevant content – producing videos is no longer an option. It’s an absolute requirement for meeting expectations,
educating customers, and answering questions. But for Video SEO to work well, and bring all of the value possible, the video production company you hire needs to understand Video SEO and all it entails.

Green screen production cuts cost, and therefore opens the door for producing more videos for any given budget.

Adding videos delivers visual interest to any site and engages the viewer longer.

Longer Video Engagement, Drives Video SEO

Holding the viewer’s attention, allows time to deliver a stronger message that will be heard clearly and easily remembered as better content. Well executed green screen video makes better content, creates a connection
with your customers, identifies you as a stronger resource, and adds credibility.

Better content plus added credibility leads to your videos being shared.

Shared videos create backlinks. Backlinks influence Video SEO in a very powerful way.

And that is a home run.

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