Script writing and video production

A well written script conveys a clear message

Frank Blackwell is a writer and web content developer with experience in a wide range of industries and businesses. He works with the most complex topics and makes that type of content easily understandable to a wide ranging audience. Frank’s writing crosses language barriers and reaches a wide audience. The goal is to always focus on the business requirements of your company and to produce content that speak directly and clearly to your customer.

Video offers every business an opportunity to make a great first impression. A well produced video can convey a sense of trust, openness, professionalism, and approachability. These factors weigh heavily in bringing new clients and customers to your business. We produce videos for High Tech Corporations, Law Offices, Medical Offices, Manufacturing and Service Corporations, and Small Businesses of All Kinds

Whether you arrive at our website from a  law firm, a medical facility, a university, engineering firm, genomic center, a restaurant, corporate business, or a mom and pop store, we will work with you on every project as though you are our only customer. We pride ourselves on bringing out the best in every business and placing that aspect of the business in clear view within each business video we produce.

I'd love more clients. Please share. But remember, I own all copyrights to the work on this site.
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  • Biotechnology Customer Support Video Production

    Biotechnology Customer Support Video Production

    A laboratory benchtop protocol serves perfectly as a video script to create an instructional video that trains customers and empowers them to succeed.

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

    Pharmaceutical Marketing

    This video was created in our Branford, CT studio for the initial launch of a pharmaceutical start-up.

  • Interview Video Production Studio in Branford, CT

    Interview Video Production Studio in Branford, CT

    In this interview with Dr Stephan Leeb, we created the look and feel of a Charlie Rose style interview set.

  • Customer Support Videos

    Customer Support Videos

    Complex topics are best supported by videos that clearly guide the user in a step-by-step manner.

  • Outro Example

    Outro Example

    A closing animation leaves the viewer with the image of your logo and allows for one short final message.

  • 3D Animation

    3D Animation

    This style of animation is a cost-effective solution that will add interest to your website, presentation or conference booth display.

  • A YouTube Video Production Company

    A YouTube Video Production Company

    This video was created for a company that manufactures and installs Unitized Curtainwall Window Installations.

  • 3D Scientific Animation

    3D Scientific Animation

    A 3D scientific animation of a lipid layer. This animation runs for 17 seconds and is a great example of how even a short animation can add interest to your corporate message.

  • How to Train Biotech Customers Using Protocol Videos

    How to Train Biotech Customers Using Protocol Videos

    A laboratory bench-top workflow video showing each step of a medical marijuana test protocol.

  • 3-D Medical Animation

    3-D Medical Animation

    A very nice 3D animation that shows the power of a few seconds of visual animation and illustration.

  • Topic Expert Videos

    Topic Expert Videos

    A topic expert testimonial we produced with Medicinal Genomics CSO Kevin McKernan about microbial testing of medical cannabis.

  • The Cannabis Market 2016

    The Cannabis Market 2016

    Medicinal Genomics Chief Scientific Officer Kevin McKernan talks about the Cannabis Market in 2016.

  • Blood clot & stent animation

    Blood clot & stent animation

    A 3D animation that shows a stent being inserted to open a clogged artery.

  • Neuron Animation 1

    Neuron Animation 1

    This animation is representative of what can be done on a somewhat modest budget.

  • A short simple lab video

    A short simple lab video

    A simple process can be misunderstood if not properly communicated. Video resolves any doubt.

  • Customer training video

    Customer training video

    A laboratory protocol training video with captions, tables, and diagrams is often the best way to train customers, support staff, and sales personnel .

  • Laboratory Assay Training Video

    Laboratory Assay Training Video

    An excellent example of how well video can guide a user through a complex assay

  • Intro Example

    Intro Example

    An opening animation is an opportunity to create a great first impression and to present your corporate brand.

  • Lab How-to Video

    Lab How-to Video

    When filming any lab protocol it is important to determine the need for close-up photography, cautions and tips for best practices.

  • Product Launch Video

    Product Launch Video

    This is a marketing video which I wrote and produced for the initial world-wide launch of the GS Junior benchtop sequencing instrument.

  • Maintenance Video

    Maintenance Video

    Even the simplest procedures benefit from a video that clearly illustrates the steps.

  • Biotechnology Workflow Video Production

    Biotechnology Workflow Video Production

    Turn your Protocol or Assay into a video script that creates an instructional customer facing video.

  • Instructional Lab Video

    Instructional Lab Video

    How-to videos enable customers to witness first hand how a process or procedure is intended to flow.

  • Conference Speaker Video

    Conference Speaker Video

    Conference videos promote future conferences and facilitate use of presentations throughout your organization and on the web.

  • Instructional Video

    Instructional Video

    Software updates are an example of step-by-step procedures to be done exactly as intended. Video makes the process easily followed.

  • Corporate Documentary Production

    Corporate Documentary Production

    A corporate documentary offers a unique opportunity to engage an audience and showcase your company's products and services.

  • Topic Expert Video

    Topic Expert Video

    Customer testimonials are powerful tools that highlight work done successfully through the use of your product or service.

  • On-site Interview Video

    On-site Interview Video

    An interview with Robert Fleischer, Ph.D, the head of the Center for Conservation and Environmental Genomics at the National Zoo in Washington DC.

  • Topic Expert Video

    Topic Expert Video

    When filming an interview we always try to film background footage and photographs for use as b-roll in the final edit.

  • Case Study Video

    Case Study Video

    An interview with Suzan Murry, Chief Veterinarian at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington DC.

  • On-Site Interview Video

    On-Site Interview Video

    An interview with Belynda Hicks, M.S. - Director of Production Operations at the Cancer Genomics Research Lab, Bethesda, MD.

  • 11 Second Intro Animation Clip

    11 Second Intro Animation Clip

    An opening animation is an opportunity to create a great first impression and to present your corporate brand.

  • An Impromptu Documentary